Monday, May 17, 2010


/ \ "Dreams are answers to questions we haven't yet figured out how to ask". ~X-Files

I have read somewhere that we all dream everytime we sleep. I know this is true for me because I dream all the time. It's just remembering the dream that makes it hard. I usually only remember certain parts of dreams but sometimes I can remember the whole thing. I started by keeping a journal by my bed and as soon as I wake up I write down my dream.
I have found that if I write the dream down within 5 minutes of waking up, I can remember alot more. After doing this for a while, it actually startled me because the dreams were really weird. Nostly scary or off the wall. I remember trying to make myself dream about certain things but it never worked.

What I did notice though, was that I had a few re-occuring dreans. One of them I want to tell you about. I call it "MetalMan". Not to be confused with Ironman although I am not ruling out the possibility that it's connected somehow.

Anyway, let me say a few things about this dream before I start.
First of all, it's always the same scene by scene,everytime. I can dream this dream and know that I am dreaming it again in the dream. The reason why I need to mention this is because there is a stupid ass part of the dream that is supposed to be funny, but it's not. So each time I am having the dream I am dreadfully anticipating that moment.
The other thing I wanted to say was that these pictures really dont look like the guy in my dream but its as close as I can get to give you an idea.He has no eyes, just dark sockets and he's really shiny!

Ok so heres the dream.............................I am awakening, kind of like a baby. My sences tell me that the sky is blue, the air smells clean and I feel like I am in a safe place. I feel my tiny bodystretch and twist as if awakening from a long soft sleep. I blink my eyes and see a shiny smiling face looking down at me. I then realize that I am being held by this figure. And he is HUGE. As big as a mountain! and he is all metal. Not just regular metal scraps but chromed metal! He is beautiful. And I guess he must like me because he smiled and is holding me in his huge hand, What is going to happen next? Why am I here? Metalman must know. So I will wait. Right here. Where its warm and cozy in Metalmans giant hand. I might even take another nap..........

...........WOAH whats goin on? we are standind behind a mountain and Metalman is acting weird. He is looking over the mountain as people pass by and then ducking. ............Oh My GOD! He's laughing!Ha Ha he sounds funny but its a weird laugh. Kinda like that dog "Muttley" from that old cartoon? It's kind of a wheezy laugh. Irritating actually. But what is even more ridiculous than that stupis laugh is that he thinks he is being "sneaky". It's like he thinks noboby can see him hiding behind the mountain.He is BIGGER than the mountain. He has to get on his knees to hide completely but he doesnt. Instead he just crouches over a little bit but paople can still see him. And some of them laugh . I hear them laugh at Metalman. I know he hears them laugh too but he probably doesnt realize that the jokes on him. So he laughs and snickers all day. Hmmm this could get old.........
..........Ok its night ime now and Metalman is finally tired of laughing and hiding behind the mountain so we go to sleep. .......................
.....................Morning comes and we go to the mountain again so I can watch Metalman act like he's hiding again. I hear the laugh and I realize its not so bad. After all, he is taking care of me and he really doesnt talk so whats the big deal if the big fella wants to have a lil fun? I just sit there and wave at the people. They seem to be bored of Metalman because the laugh must have pissed them off too.
Anyway this goes on for what seems like a few days and then one day. Metalman stops laughing. And looks down at me all serious like he is trying to tell me something. I look down from the mountain and Metalman stand up and points down to the people below. I stand up and look as Metalman bends over and slowly and very gently streches his huge arm down to the ground and opens his giant palm and hands me over to my real mom and dad.