Thursday, October 2, 2008 more

The last four days have been sad for me.
Why you ask?
My Pixies been ill.
Poor thing, she wouldnt let me do anything for her. She just layed there and slept. I tried my best to cheer her up but I could see shes just like me and was better off just being left alone.
I waited, lol, she caught me staring at her a few times but just didnt say anything. She was feelin poo poo and out of sorts and so I waited more.
Today shes better. Not bouncin around like she always does but shes doin mom things. What also helped was the 2 packages that arrived in the mail; one was our new FREE modem for lightning speed internet (cordless) and a wonderful package from the very talented SORROW.
Sorrow that was a beautiful assortment of gifts (and Pixies prize) and it couldnt have come at a better time (by the way, to me these kind of things are no coincidence) and i wanted to personally thank you from the heart. Im sure Pixies gonna want to post pix of these lovely gems that will be cherished forever.

One last thing I want to say for now,
I re-learned something new.
I forgot what it was like to feel pain for someone you love.
Peace Out


wood_song said...

"...was better off just being left alone."

She wasn't alone - you were close by. And I'll bet my bottom dollar that played a larger role than the modem in her eventually feeling better :)

You and sorrow. Thank you both for being there for her!!

MarmiteToasty said...

You were with pixie in mind spirit and soul.... and just you being 'there' is priceless...

Its so very hard being poorly when one is alone....

I love you and I dont even know you..... hows that for weird LOL


Anonymous said...

Just the fact that it bothered you that she was sick makes me astounded and thrilled. Thank you for loving her, (((((Junior)))))). :)

Sorrow said...

The circle of love is ever flowing.
I am glad that a simple act of love, touched so many.
And it was all for the reminder that even the smallest things matter...
like you I believe that it all unfolds for the better, the way it is suppose to, if we only let it...